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  • Brother Ribbon Cassette Lift Off Correction Tape Low Tack [for All Brother Series] Ref 3015 [Pack 6]

    Code: 25272X
    Pack size: Each
    Brother Original Lift Tape Man Ref: 9010
    GBP 25272X 1.82 £ 1.82 Inc. VAT £ 2.18
  • 5 Star Office Plastic Eraser Paper-sleeved 60x21x12mm

    Code: 332896
    Pack size: PK10
    92060 Stock Available
    Plastic eraser Paper sleeve to keep clean Size: 60x21x12mm Packed 10
    GBP 332896 1.86 £ 1.86 Inc. VAT £ 2.24
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Pack of 2 52650BK2

    Code: ST52819
    Pack size: Each
    924 Stock Available
    Mars plastic premium quality erasers. Removes graphite from paper, tracing and drafting film. Pack 2.
    GBP ST52819 1.98 £ 1.98 Inc. VAT £ 2.38
  • Tombow Correction Tape 4mm CY-YT4

    Code: TB58510
    Pack size: Each
    1 Stock Available
    The original Mono sideways correction roller. With new easy write tape. Innovative sideways technique gives precise application. Sits like a writing instrument in the hand. Clear case so remaining tape is visible at all times. Tape is 4.2mm x 10m.
    GBP TB58510 2.55 £ 2.55 Inc. VAT £ 3.05
  • White Pencil Erasers Pk20

    Code: WX01696
    Pack size: PK20
    9 Stock Available
    Pencil Eraser.
    GBP WX01696 2.58 £ 2.58 Inc. VAT £ 3.10
  • Value Eraser Assorted Colours PK25

    Code: 71138WH
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 71138WH 2.82 £ 2.82 Inc. VAT £ 3.38
  • Pentel Micro Correct Fine Point XZL31-W

    Code: PEXZL31W
    Pack size: Each
    Pentel Micro Correction Pen XZL31W. Micro fine correction pen produces dense quick drying fluid suitable for all paper types, fax and photocopies. The self-sealing tip prevents the fluid from drying out and eliminates spillages. Trichloroethane free.
    GBP PEXZL31W 2.87 £ 2.87 Inc. VAT £ 3.45
  • Classmaster White Pencil Erasers Pk45

    Code: EG60393
    Pack size: Each
    GBP EG60393 3.42 £ 3.42 Inc. VAT £ 4.10
  • Tombow Correction Tape Pink Ribbon

    Code: TB40410
    Pack size: Each
    Tombow correction tape pink ribbon. Instantly eliminate errors on typed, printed or photocopied documents. No drying time. Rewind button."
    GBP TB40410 3.76 £ 3.76 Inc. VAT £ 4.51
  • Correction Fluid 20ml Pk10

    Code: WX10507
    Pack size: PK10
    Correction Fluid 20ml.
    GBP WX10507 4.00 £ 4.00 Inc. VAT £ 4.80
  • Tipp-Ex Exact Correction Tape 810473

    Code: TX10136
    Pack size: Each
    Tippex Exact Liner 810473. Correction tape pen with pen clip for handy top pocket storage. White tape.
    GBP TX10136 4.78 £ 4.78 Inc. VAT £ 5.74
  • Q-Connect Correction Fluid 20ml Pk10

    Code: KF10507Q
    Pack size: PK10
    12 Stock Available
    Q Connect correction Fluid. White multi-purpose fluid covers up type, ink faxes, photocopies etc. Will not flake, chip or peel and dries smooth in seconds. 20ml bottle.
    GBP KF10507Q 4.83 £ 4.83 Inc. VAT £ 5.79
  • Correction Tape Roller Pk10

    Code: WX01593
    Pack size: PK10
    Correction Roller.
    GBP WX01593 4.98 £ 4.98 Inc. VAT £ 5.98
  • 5 Star Office Correction Fluid Fast-drying with Integral Mixer Ball 20ml White

    Code: 932680
    Pack size: PK10
    51090 Stock Available
    Correction fluid Integral mixer ball for consistency Good coverage over all inks Fast drying 20ml bottle Colour White Packed 10
    GBP 932680 6.11 £ 6.11 Inc. VAT £ 7.34
  • Q-Connect White PVC Eraser Pk20

    Code: KF00236
    Pack size: PK20
    Premium quality sleeved plastic eraser erases graphite from paper without tearing or smudging. 60 x 22 x 11mm.
    GBP KF00236 7.71 £ 7.71 Inc. VAT £ 9.26
  • Swash Premium Colour Pencil Erasers Pk32

    Code: EG60419
    Pack size: Each
    GBP EG60419 8.43 £ 8.43 Inc. VAT £ 10.12
  • 5 Star Office Rollerball Correction Pen Fine Metal Tip Applicator 12ml

    Code: 620530
    Pack size: PK12
    8966 Stock Available
    For accurate correction Pinpoint application Size: 12ml Packed 12
    GBP 620530 12.71 £ 12.71 Inc. VAT £ 15.26
  • Q-Connect Correctional Fluid Pen Pk10

    Code: KF00271
    Pack size: PK10
    Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
    GBP KF00271 15.40 £ 15.40 Inc. VAT £ 18.48
  • Staedtler Rasoplast Eraser Self-cleaning 42x18x12mm Ref 526B30

    Code: 023700
    Pack size: PK30
    3510 Stock Available
    Self-cleaning eraser No toxic heavy metals are used Reusable process waste Environmentally friendly manufacturing process Size: 42x18x12mm Packed 30
    GBP 023700 16.09 £ 16.09 Inc. VAT £ 19.31
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Premium Quality Self-cleaning 65x23x13mm Ref 52650

    Code: 018221
    Pack size: PK20
    160 Stock Available
    Self-cleaning eraser Premium quality professional drafting eraser Removes graphite from paper, tracing paper and drafting film 30% natural raw materials and contains no hazardous substances Size: 65x23x13mm Packed 20
    GBP 018221 16.44 £ 16.44 Inc. VAT £ 19.72
  • Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid Fast-drying with Foam Applicator 20ml White Ref 885992

    Code: 00215X
    Pack size: PK10
    727 Stock Available
    Foam wedge applicator for clean and easy use - no clogging Fast drying formula Ideal for all types of paper correction Will not chip, peel or crack Non-ozone depleting No stains or splashes Size: 20ml Packed 10
    GBP 00215X 17.34 £ 17.34 Inc. VAT £ 20.81
  • Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Roller 5mmx5m Ref 901817

    Code: 623996
    Pack size: PK10
    698 Stock Available
    Compact easy to use correction tape Superior tape, provides neat and high quality coverage Instant rewrite Tape: 5m x 5mm width Packed 10
    GBP 623996 20.11 £ 20.11 Inc. VAT £ 24.13
  • 5 Star Office Mini Correction Tape Roller 4.2mmx5m

    Code: 934203
    Pack size: PK10
    4020 Stock Available
    Correction roller in a handy pocket size format No mess - quick and clean application Can be written on immediately Tape 4.2mm x 5m Packed 10
    GBP 934203 20.63 £ 20.63 Inc. VAT £ 24.76
  • Tipp-Ex Easy-correct Correction Tape Roller 4.2mmx12m Ref 8290352

    Code: 102484
    Pack size: PK10
    354 Stock Available
    Tipp-Ex Easy-correct correction tape Extra long-lasting tape with a tear-resistant polyester film Side-dispensing mechanism so you can see what you are correcting No waiting, no mess, just instant correction with Tipp-ex dry tape Tape size: 4.2mm wide x 12m long Packed 10
    GBP 102484 21.33 £ 21.33 Inc. VAT £ 25.59
  • Tombow 4mm Correction Tape Roller Pk10

    Code: TB40401
    Pack size: PK10
    1 Stock Available
    Tombow Mono Correction Tape. With new easy write tape. Innovative sideways technique gives precise application. Sits like a writing instrument in the hand. Clear case so remaining tape is visible at all times. 4.2mm x 10m.
    GBP TB40401 21.35 £ 21.35 Inc. VAT £ 25.61