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  • Telephone Index Book Refill Untabbed 20 Sheets A5 White

    Code: 131743
    Pack size: Each
    Feint Refill Sheets for Telephone Index Books CD2 and CD6 Size: A5 White 20 Sheets
    GBP 131743 5.00 £ 5.00 Inc. VAT £ 6.00
  • Telephone Index Book Refill A-Z Index A5 White

    Code: 131751
    Pack size: Each
    2 Stock Available
    A-Z index Refill Sheets for Telephone Index Books CD2 and CD6 Size: A5 210x148mm White
    GBP 131751 5.78 £ 5.78 Inc. VAT £ 6.94
  • Telephone Address Book Wirebound 13 Part A-Z Bright Assorted

    Code: 001189
    Pack size: Each
    Translucent polypropylene covers with wirobound spine Brightly coloured pages 13 part A-Z with alternate black and clear Mylar tabs for distinction Random selection of one from range of 5 vibrant colours Size: 150x105mm
    GBP 001189 6.75 £ 6.75 Inc. VAT £ 8.11
  • Goldline A5 Address Refill Ruled GA5/R

    Code: GH06056
    Pack size: Each
    Refill Sheets for the Goldline Telephone/Address Book. Size: A5. For the complete address book see GH06027.
    GBP GH06056 7.31 £ 7.31 Inc. VAT £ 8.77
  • Telephone and Fax Index Book Wirebound Board Cover A5

    Code: 364217
    Pack size: Each
    189 Stock Available
    Board wirebound covers Contains A-Z indexed pages, with Mylar reinforced tabs for durability Space available for mobile phone and e-mail details Quick and easy access to important information Size: A5 (210x148mm)
    GBP 364217 8.27 £ 8.27 Inc. VAT £ 9.93
  • Telephone Address Book Wirebound Polypropylene Clear Cover 16 Part A-Z 185x125mm

    Code: 622028
    Pack size: Each
    Translucent polypropylene covers with wirobound spine A-Z index with alternate black and white Mylar tabs for distinction and reinforced tabs for durability 16 Part A-Z Size: 185x125mm
    GBP 622028 8.74 £ 8.74 Inc. VAT £ 10.49
  • Oxford Office Address Book Wirebound Hardback 144pp 90gsm A5 Ref 100101258

    Code: 702396
    Pack size: Each
    4 Stock Available
    Hardback covers for added protection Contains specific pre-printed sections for recording address and contact/email details Laminated A-Z thumb indexing Business card holder at back of book Single book supplied from random colour selection of green, blue, grey and red 144 pages 90gsm premium quality paper
    GBP 702396 9.80 £ 9.80 Inc. VAT £ 11.76
  • Oxford International Address Book A-Z Polypropylene Wirebound 160pp 90gsm A5 Ref 100103165

    Code: 702299
    Pack size: Each
    Features contemporary and durable polypropylene cover Pages are pre-printed with seven entries per page and colour-coded for easy referencing of phone numbers and e-mail addresses Extra adhesive labels are included for updating records Includes two pockets for storing notes and business cards Laminated A-Z thumb indexing 160 pages 90gsm paper Size: A5 (210x148mm)
    GBP 702299 10.42 £ 10.42 Inc. VAT £ 12.50
  • Collins Wiro Address Book 120x148mm BA5

    Code: CL64760
    Pack size: Each
    Wirobound with padded Vinyl cover and tabulated index. The Collins Business Address Book is available in Black, boxed. 210x148mm. A5.
    GBP CL64760 11.34 £ 11.34 Inc. VAT £ 13.61
  • Telephone Index and Address Book Binder with Matching A-Z Index and 20 Sheets A5 Purple

    Code: 622001
    Pack size: Each
    Three-ring PVC binders Matching coloured A-Z indexes and untabbed continuation sheets Coloured Mylar reinforced tabs and punched holes for durability Size: A5 (210x148mm) Purple
    GBP 622001 21.54 £ 21.54 Inc. VAT £ 25.85
  • Goldline Blue A5 Tele Addr Book DTAA5/BL

    Code: GH06027
    Pack size: Each
    Goldline Telephone Address Book. Loose leaf address book featuring an A5 binder with a 25mm 3-D ring mechanism and lightly grained Blue padded cover. Supplied complete with 30 leaves, ruled for name, address, tel and fax numbers and a rigid A-Z index.
    GBP GH06027 23.62 £ 23.62 Inc. VAT £ 28.34
  • Telephone Index Book Binder with Matching A-Z Index and 20 Sheets A5 Black

    Code: 131735
    Pack size: Each
    105 Stock Available
    Black binder For sheet size: A5 210x148mm
    GBP 131735 24.04 £ 24.04 Inc. VAT £ 28.85