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  • De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml

    Code: 132871
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 132871 5.43 £ 5.43 Inc. VAT £ 6.51
  • Winter Screen Wash 5 Litre

    Code: 132870
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 132870 8.60 £ 8.60 Inc. VAT £ 10.32
  • Ice Breaker and Scraper Extra Long Handle

    Code: 125097
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 125097 10.84 £ 10.84 Inc. VAT £ 13.01
  • Heavy Duty Shovel with Handle Red

    Code: 451548
    Pack size: Each
    Heavy Duty Snow Shovel Manufactured from fluorescent polypropylene Lightweight yet durable Robust snow scoop with 1220mm (48in) wooden handle Rust and rot proof WxDxH: 398x362x1582mm
    GBP 451548 11.45 £ 11.45 Inc. VAT £ 13.74
  • Red Smart Snow Pusher / Shovel

    Code: WE27544
    Pack size: Each
    Basic Snow Pusher. Wooden handle. Plastic Blade. Weight: 0.69kg. Colour: Red
    GBP WE27544 19.32 £ 19.32 Inc. VAT £ 23.18
  • Black Winter 18in Snow Pusher

    Code: WE32127
    Pack size: Each
    Snow Pusher, 18inch Black Poly. Durable plastic shovel, wooden pole with plastic D-shaped handle. 150(H) x 45.7(W)."
    GBP WE32127 21.50 £ 21.50 Inc. VAT £ 25.80
  • Navy Blue Winter Snow Shovel 383693

    Code: WE99927
    Pack size: Each
    Winter Snow Shovel Navy Blue
    GBP WE99927 23.87 £ 23.87 Inc. VAT £ 28.64
  • Elbrus Black Economical Snow Shovel

    Code: WE00357
    Pack size: Each
    Standard Snow Pusher. Proven wooden handle. Wide blade to make light of heavy snow. Fitted with a D-grip handle for control and comfort. Wooden handle. Fitted with an aluminium blade edge to give extra strength and durability. Weight: 1.2kg. Colour: Black
    GBP WE00357 24.00 £ 24.00 Inc. VAT £ 28.80
  • Winter Snowflex Fold Snow Shovel

    Code: WE99935
    Pack size: Each
    The SnoFlex Snow Shovel is small, sturdy, and functional. Closed, it measures only 16 x 10 inches, but opens to 30 inches long. 1kg in weight. 40cm closed, extends to 75cm. Shovel blade: 27cm wide."
    GBP WE99935 25.02 £ 25.02 Inc. VAT £ 30.02
  • Winter Sidewalk Pavement Scraper

    Code: WE80637
    Pack size: Each
    Sidewalk Ice Breaker. Use to get under and break up hard layers of ice that can then be cleared to create a safer environment. Tough steel blade and a robust grey wooden shaft. Weight: 1.22kg.
    GBP WE80637 25.02 £ 25.02 Inc. VAT £ 30.02
  • Winter Orange Snow Shovel/Pusher

    Code: WE08799
    Pack size: Each
    Winter Snow Shovel/Pusher Wood Pole Orange. Fluorescent orange ensures you are seen in the snow. Lightweight, non-stick design. Tough and durable. Rust and rot proof. W x D x L mm 431 x 324 x 1544."
    GBP WE08799 31.20 £ 31.20 Inc. VAT £ 37.44
  • Snow Shovel Black 384059

    Code: WE27545
    Pack size: Each
    Essential equipment for winter months. Fitted with a D-grip handle for extra control and comfort. Plastic lightweight blade. Strong wooden shaft.
    GBP WE27545 33.62 £ 33.62 Inc. VAT £ 40.34
  • Snow Shovel Foldable Space-saving Yellow

    Code: 125100
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 125100 34.24 £ 34.24 Inc. VAT £ 41.09
  • Lynx Aluminium Silver Snow Shovel 384065

    Code: WE80626
    Pack size: Each
    Aluminium blade snow shovel, the sharp blade makes light weight of heavy snow. Wooden handle with D-grip for extra control and comfort."
    GBP WE80626 35.02 £ 35.02 Inc. VAT £ 42.02
  • Snoblad Blue Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33665
    Pack size: Each
    GBP SBY33665 38.20 £ 38.20 Inc. VAT £ 45.84
  • Snoblad Green Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33663
    Pack size: Each
    GBP SBY33663 38.20 £ 38.20 Inc. VAT £ 45.84
  • Snoblad Red Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33661
    Pack size: Each
    GBP SBY33661 38.20 £ 38.20 Inc. VAT £ 45.84
  • Elbrus Black Aluminium Snow Shovel

    Code: WE00359
    Pack size: Each
    Solid, lightweight snow pusher. Aluminium handle with plastic grip and D-grip ensuring an excellent grip for comfort and control. Fitted with an aluminium blade edge for strength and durability."
    GBP WE00359 38.98 £ 38.98 Inc. VAT £ 46.78
  • Snowburner Orange Shovel Lg Blade T-Grip

    Code: WE08801
    Pack size: Each
    Polypropylene fluorescent orange, large snow shovel. Lightweight, non-stick design. Tough and durable. T-grip handle. Rust and Rot proof."
    GBP WE08801 48.13 £ 48.13 Inc. VAT £ 57.76
  • Multi-Purpose Blue Sleigh Shovel 384062

    Code: WE99795
    Pack size: Each
    The ultimate snow pusher tried and tested in the long hard Canadian winters. The ergonomic design allows you to use the pusher in four different ways: standard snow pusher, snow shovel, ice breaker and breaking up packed snow."
    GBP WE99795 57.83 £ 57.83 Inc. VAT £ 69.40
  • Nordic Snow Pusher Aluminium / Silver

    Code: WE80632
    Pack size: Each
    Hard wearing aluminium bladed snow pusher. Rugged design ideal for commercial use. Fitted with a D-grip handle for control and comfort. Robust ash handle stained grey. Weight 2.85kg.
    GBP WE80632 59.38 £ 59.38 Inc. VAT £ 71.26
  • Ice Melt Tub Dispenser 18.75kg 320407

    Code: WE10147
    Pack size: Each
    Fast acting on hard packed ice and snow. Non corrosive and easy to use. 1875kg.
    GBP WE10147 61.65 £ 61.65 Inc. VAT £ 73.98
  • Red 12kg Winter Salt Spreader 383681

    Code: WE28100
    Pack size: Each
    Salt Spreader, Red. Suitable for dry free running salt. H x W x D: 1070 x 450 x 200mm. Variable flow rates. 12kg capacity"
    GBP WE28100 72.18 £ 72.18 Inc. VAT £ 86.62
  • Winter Snow Pusher Integral Wheels Red

    Code: 125092
    Pack size: Each
    GBP 125092 76.44 £ 76.44 Inc. VAT £ 91.73
  • Navy Blue Winter Sleigh Shovel 383691

    Code: WE81665
    Pack size: Each
    Winter Sleigh Shovel Navy Blue
    GBP WE81665 79.53 £ 79.53 Inc. VAT £ 95.44