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  • Heavy Duty Shovel Polypropylene Blade 1220mm Wooden Handle

    Code: 451548
    Pack size: Each
    2 Stock Available
    GBP 451548 10.06 £ 10.06 Inc. VAT £ 12.07
  • Red Smart Snow Pusher / Shovel

    Code: WE27544
    Pack size: Each

    Basic Snow Pusher. Wooden handle. Plastic Blade. Weight: 0.69kg. Colour: Red
    GBP WE27544 20.00 £ 20.00 Inc. VAT £ 24.00
  • Navy Blue Winter Snow Shovel 383693

    Code: WE99927
    Pack size: Each

    Winter Snow Shovel Navy Blue
    GBP WE99927 23.87 £ 23.87 Inc. VAT £ 28.64
  • Winter Black Economical Snow Shovel

    Code: WE00357
    Pack size: Each

    Standard Snow Pusher. Proven wooden handle. Wide blade to make light of heavy snow. Fitted with a D-grip handle for control and comfort. Wooden handle. Fitted with an aluminium blade edge to give extra strength and durability. Weight: 1.2kg. Colour: Black
    GBP WE00357 24.00 £ 24.00 Inc. VAT £ 28.80
  • Winter Sidewalk Pavement Scraper

    Code: WE80637
    Pack size: Each

    Sidewalk Ice Breaker. Use to get under and break up hard layers of ice that can then be cleared to create a safer environment. Tough steel blade and a robust grey wooden shaft. Weight: 1.22kg.
    GBP WE80637 25.02 £ 25.02 Inc. VAT £ 30.02
  • Winter Snowflex Fold Snow Shovel

    Code: WE99935
    Pack size: Each

    The SnoFlex Snow Shovel is small, sturdy, and functional. Closed, it measures only 16 x 10 inches, but opens to 30 inches long. 1kg in weight. 40cm closed, extends to 75cm. Shovel blade: 27cm wide."
    GBP WE99935 25.02 £ 25.02 Inc. VAT £ 30.02
  • Winter Orange Snow Shovel/Pusher

    Code: WE08799
    Pack size: Each

    Winter Snow Shovel/Pusher Wood Pole Orange. Fluorescent orange ensures you are seen in the snow. Lightweight, non-stick design. Tough and durable. Rust and rot proof. W x D x L mm 431 x 324 x 1544."
    GBP WE08799 31.20 £ 31.20 Inc. VAT £ 37.44
  • Snow Shovel Foldable Space-saving Yellow

    Code: 125100
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 125100 31.62 £ 31.62 Inc. VAT £ 37.94
  • Lynx Aluminium Silver Snow Shovel 384065

    Code: WE80626
    Pack size: Each

    Aluminium blade snow shovel, the sharp blade makes light weight of heavy snow. Wooden handle with D-grip for extra control and comfort."
    GBP WE80626 35.02 £ 35.02 Inc. VAT £ 42.02
  • Snoblad Green Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33663
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SBY33663 38.20 £ 38.20 Inc. VAT £ 45.84
  • Snoblad Blue Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33665
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SBY33665 38.20 £ 38.20 Inc. VAT £ 45.84
  • Elbrus Black Aluminium Snow Shovel

    Code: WE00359
    Pack size: Each

    Solid, lightweight snow pusher. Aluminium handle with plastic grip and D-grip ensuring an excellent grip for comfort and control. Fitted with an aluminium blade edge for strength and durability."
    GBP WE00359 38.98 £ 38.98 Inc. VAT £ 46.78
  • Snoblad Red Snow Shovel

    Code: SBY33661
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SBY33661 39.54 £ 39.54 Inc. VAT £ 47.45
  • Snowburner Orange Shovel Lg Blade T-Grip

    Code: WE08801
    Pack size: Each

    Polypropylene fluorescent orange, large snow shovel. Lightweight, non-stick design. Tough and durable. T-grip handle. Rust and Rot proof."
    GBP WE08801 48.13 £ 48.13 Inc. VAT £ 57.76
  • Multi-Purpose Blue Sleigh Shovel 384062

    Code: WE99795
    Pack size: Each

    GBP WE99795 57.83 £ 57.83 Inc. VAT £ 69.40
  • Nordic Snow Pusher Aluminium / Silver

    Code: WE80632
    Pack size: Each

    GBP WE80632 59.38 £ 59.38 Inc. VAT £ 71.26
  • Ice Melt Tub Dispenser 18.75kg 320407

    Code: WE10147
    Pack size: Each

    Fast acting on hard packed ice and snow. Non corrosive and easy to use. 1875kg.
    GBP WE10147 61.65 £ 61.65 Inc. VAT £ 73.98
  • Winter Snow Pusher Integral Wheels Red

    Code: 125092
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 125092 68.53 £ 68.53 Inc. VAT £ 82.23
  • Red 12kg Winter Salt Spreader 383681

    Code: WE28100
    Pack size: Each

    Salt Spreader, Red. Suitable for dry free running salt. H x W x D: 1070 x 450 x 200mm. Variable flow rates. 12kg capacity"
    GBP WE28100 72.18 £ 72.18 Inc. VAT £ 86.62
  • Navy Blue Winter Sleigh Shovel 383691

    Code: WE81665
    Pack size: Each

    GBP WE81665 79.53 £ 79.53 Inc. VAT £ 95.44
  • Winter Mini Grit Bin Scoop

    Code: WE25110
    Pack size: Each

    Mini Salt and Grit Bin with Scoop, Black. Ideal for gritting driveways and steps. Compact, lockable and heavy duty. Made from recycled polyethylene. Moulded tread pattern on the lid so can be used as a step"
    GBP WE25110 100.53 £ 100.53 Inc. VAT £ 120.64
  • Mini Grit Bin/ Scoop 25kg Salt 383589

    Code: WE25300
    Pack size: Each

    Compact, heavy duty, lockable grit bin. Manufactured from environmentally friendly recycled polyethylene. Moulted tread pattern on the lid makes this bin suitable to be used as a step. Ideal for driveways and steps. Supplied with scoop. H305xW475xD383mm.
    GBP WE25300 119.02 £ 119.02 Inc. VAT £ 142.82
  • Mini Grit Bin Lockable with Scoop

    Code: 125086
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 125086 121.95 £ 121.95 Inc. VAT £ 146.34
  • Yellow 110 Litre Grit/Sand Box 379941

    Code: WE22976
    Pack size: Each

    Midi Salt Bin manufactured from medium density polyethylene. Ideal for private roads and small car parks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Latched lid (padlock not supplied) 110 litre capacity. H570xW650xD550. Colour: Yellow.
    GBP WE22976 154.97 £ 154.97 Inc. VAT £ 185.96