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  • Basic Thermometer for Home or Workplace Alcohol in Glass Tube

    Code: 486902
    Pack size: Each

    Suitable for office, home or store use Safe, alcohol in glass tube construction Temperature range -40C to +50C WxDxH: 65x10x400mm
    GBP 486902 2.20 £ 2.20 Inc. VAT £ 2.64
  • White H200xW45mm Office Thermometer

    Code: CY61761
    Pack size: Each
    217 Stock Available
    GBP CY61761 4.94 £ 4.94 Inc. VAT £ 5.93
  • Wallace Cameron Marked Wall Thermometer

    Code: WAC10936
    Pack size: Each
    131 Stock Available
    Factory regulations wall thermometer measures room temperature and includes details of factory regulation minimum and maximum temperatures. Dimensions: L220 x W90 x D10 mm.
    GBP WAC10936 13.10 £ 13.10 Inc. VAT £ 15.72
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer LCD Digital Display Weather Station

    Code: 391255
    Pack size: Each

    Integrated clock, alarm and calendar allowing monitoring of the date, time and weather Digital display of temperature, air humidity, time, weekday and date LCD with easy to read weather forecast in picture format Temperature range -50C to +70C (or equivalent in Fahrenheit) , humidity ranges from 20-99% 12/24 hour and weekday display Moon phase display Uses LR1130 Button Cell battery (included)
    GBP 391255 15.57 £ 15.57 Inc. VAT £ 18.68
  • Infrared Thermometer Blue 347593

    Code: SBY14629
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SBY14629 173.36 £ 173.36 Inc. VAT £ 208.03