Pens | Pencils & Writing Supplies

Everyone has their favourite writing instrument whether it is a pencil or a gel pen! We have a vast range of products in this category which is sure to provide you with your individual favourite. Ask by brand name or by the manufacturer's re-order code on the box.

Our range includes the brand leaders and also the budget brands which you might want to order in a setting where the pens just walk off and you have to keep re-ordering them all too often. We pay special attention to highlighters and markers that have long cap-off times so these don't go dry too quickly.

Lots of brands to choose from, all the latest types (such as the Frixion erasable pen) and also in convenient pack sizes just for you.

Give us a call on 01376 346356 if you want to try something different or you want a Parker pen in a gift box for that colleague who is leaving your team.

Our team is here to support you.