Printer Supplies

All your printer OEM inks, toners and maintenance items are supplied from stock; we also supply compatible alternatives.

We specialise in sourcing your OEM printer inks and toners for all popular brands such as HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Oki, Samsung and many others. 

If you regularly have a drama or a nervous breakdown getting your printer's supplies as it is a vintage variety or an obscure brand, call Office Loro and we will track these down for you. Our internal IT systems track all customer sales histories so ordering the same consumables in future will be a breeze!

We can also guide you through the multitude of choices and variants such as standard capacity, high capacity, twin-packs and bundles of colours available from your printer manufacturer. And of course, drums or imaging units, fusers, belts, etc. We have many years experience with office equipment so feel free to contact us for advice.

You can minimise the disruptions caused from running out of toners by exploring with us your usage and we will guide you to which variant to buy. Many customers bulk buy toners to avoid the pain of running out of toners but what happens when your printer breaks down and the replacement uses different inks or toners?

For those with a frugal orientation or just a tight budget, we can also supply a range of factory-made compatible inks and toners from a reputable supplier who will guarantee performance on all their products.

Did you know we also sell printers? The new Epson Eco-tank range will impress you with how economical they are with inks.