Catering & Cleaning

We are not just here to help with your office needs but are proud to support you with all your catering and cleaning needs too! 

Core products such as hot beverages - coffee, tea, sugar, etc are offered from stock in catering packs to help your budget and also cut down how often you need to re-order such items. Not only that but you have to balance the size of the pack to avoid it going off if it is not used quickly! We offer PG Tips in packs of 240, packs of 440 bags to large packs of 1100 for precisely this reason. But we keep other brands in stock too such as Tetley Tea and Yorkshire Tea.

Apart from the food items, we can provide you with disposable cups, stirrers, and such related items to dispense your drinks.

And of course we can also help you with any catering appliances you may need from kettles to fridges for your staff kitchennete at a competitive price.